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Daniel Specht danspecht at gmail.com
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I've been reviewing some tiles on #2102 Suna East, Kenya - PMI/USAID
The instructions say to use tms[22]:http://imagegeocenter.
org/image/rest/services/Kenyasunaeastv3/MapServer/tile/{z}/{y}/{x}, but
when you go to the ID editor, the only available imagery is Bing. Most of
the mappers have used Bing (see below).

I'm new to the ID editor. Is there a way to add the newer imagery to ID?


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Hi Daniel Specht,

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Hi Daniel, I´ve seen your messages about 3 tiles I mapped. I used Bing
because I was not aware of the fact that Bing was old. I´m not familiar
with how to use tms[22]:http://imagegeocenter.org/image/rest/services/
Kenyasunaeastv3/MapServer/tile/{z}/{y}/{x so please advise. I use ID and
Opera browser.

Regards, Honning

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