[HOT] OpenStreetMap data, good and bad

Douglas Ssebaggala douglas.ssebaggala at hotosm.org
Tue Nov 15 06:12:24 UTC 2016

Dear community members,

While at the spatial data workshop <http://i2ifacility.org/Spatial_Data/> a
few days back in Tanzania, there was unique feedback from some of the
people and organisations who have used OSM data: they greatly appreciated
the quality of the data in OSM: buildings, roads, and business information,
e.t.c thanks to the Ramani Huria team, and community members who are doing
the mapping.

This data is being used <http://www.worldpop.org.uk/> for analysis, insight
generation and maps!! However, the need for more quality data was also
echoed as a very important aspect needed in all these efforts.

A while back there was a discussion on new mappers, and generally making
wrong edits to OSM, especially during need for maps and data in critical
situations: considering that *mapping for flood resilience* scaled to
involve *new* community members/*mappers* whose data is now proving *usefu*l,
and good quality, i think we should always guide, understand, and help out
any new mappers who might make mistakes, as with time their contributions
will be helpful.

*Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
*Mapping Supervisor "Financial Services", Uganda

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