[HOT] Help wanted cleaning up in Africa, needs JOSM and Todo plugin

Augustin xhemp at mykolab.com
Sun Oct 16 14:28:07 UTC 2016


I don't understand the link between your mail subject "Help wanted
cleaning up in Africa, needs JOSM and Todo plugin" and the Humanitarian
OpenStreetMap Team Mailing list. Maybe there is a context linked to
specific countries and a lot of mistakes related to a previous
activation, which could explain the link with HOT, if so please explain
it. If not, this email should be posted on the related-countries mailing
lists in appropriates languages.

Have a good day from Bouaké,


Le 16/10/2016 à 13:05, john whelan a écrit :
> There are thousands of untagged ways marked area=yes.  Most are buildings.
> The process for cleaning up is grab a country from
> http://download.geofabrik.de/africa.html
> use osmconvert64 to convert it into .osm format
> osmconvert64 G:\maps\niger-latest.osm.pbf  -o=f:\maps\niger.osm
> you may need to select an area within this to make it small enough to
> fit into JOSM.
> osmconvert64 f:\maps\nig.osm
> -b=8.8416511,4.284668,14.2430869,15.6884766 -o=nig1.osm
> start JOSM with lots of memory this is 8 gigs.
> java -Xmx8210000000 -jar G:\josm\josm-tested.jar
> Load up the local file into 64 bit JOSM.
> Go to Edit, Preferences, validator, and untick everything except
> untagged, empty and one node ways.  This is purely for speed.
> Validate, select the untagged ways, search in them for area=yes and
> add them to the todo list.  Tag them.
> Cheerio John
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