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HI maybe of interest to researchers in the network.


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Subject: FW: [GI Science & Systems] : CFP AAG 2017: Social dimensions of
Web 2.0 cartographies
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Hello, sending as an FYI, thought you might find this of interest.

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*Subject:* [GI Science & Systems] : CFP AAG 2017: Social dimensions of Web
2.0 cartographies

Call for Papers for AAG 2017 Social dimensions of Web 2.0 cartographies
Organizers: Christian Bittner Friedrich-Alexander-Universitt... -posted to
the "Geographic Information Science and Systems" community

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Geographic Information Science and Systems

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CFP AAG 2017: Social dimensions of Web 2.0 cartographies

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Oct 13, 2016 11:25 PM

Sterling Quinn

*Call for Papers for AAG 2017 — Social dimensions of Web 2.0 cartographies*


      Christian Bittner – Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
 christian.bittner at fau.de

      Sterling Quinn – Central Washington University  sterling.quinn at cwu.edu

*Call for participation:*

For about a decade, geographers have reflected on new forms of online
cartographies, assessing their nature, scope and impacts through terms like
“volunteered geographic information” (VGI), “neogeography,” “new spatial
media”, or “web 2.0 cartographies.”

Much of this literature deals with the broader implications of web 2.0
cartographies for society and is often linked to constructivist and
normative approaches from critical, participatory or feminist GIS.
Generally, this kind of research investigates the risks and potentials of
VGI and user-generated online maps for the greater goals of justice,
equality and democracy.

Meanwhile, web 2.0 cartographies have ceased to be something new. The once
revolutionary collaborative mapping platforms OpenStreetMap and Wikimapia,
as well as the triumphant incursion of a technology called the “map mashup”
have long passed their tenth anniversaries. Today, interactive maps have
become a standard feature of user’s online experiences. Contemporary
“neo”-geographers have at their disposal a diverse range of APIs, script
libraries and data repositories, enabling them to create beautiful maps for
all kinds of purposes.

Yet, it is exactly the prevalence and mainstreaming of web
2.0-cartographies which demands an ongoing investigation of their societal
imprints and implications, which have not been satisfyingly explored so far.

In this session, we welcome papers discussing:

- Characteristics and motivations of contributors to crowdsourced web maps
such as OpenStreetMap, Google Map Maker, and Wikimapia

- Studies of the political economy surrounding the online production of
VGI, including corporate influence in maintaining or supporting VGI

- Effects of Web 2.0 cartographies on human perceptions of the landscape

- Critical analysis of cartographic selection, classification, and
symbolization in Web 2.0 maps

- Critical code studies investigating the anatomy and genesis of web maps

- Innovative uses of VGI or Web 2.0 maps for social or environmental
justice efforts

- Impacts and embeddedness of collaborative web maps in political debates
and conflicts

- Questions of nation state sovereignty vis à vis user-generated geodata
beyond the jurisdictional access of authorities

- Postcolonial perspectives on reproductions of power relations and
inequalities through web cartographies

*How to participate:*

If you are interested in participating in this session, please submit your
abstract to AAG and then send the presenter PIN, paper title, and abstract
to sterling.quinn at cwu.edu or christian.bittner at fau.de by *October 27, 2016*.

Sterling Quinn
Central Washington University
sterling.quinn at cwu.edu

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