[HOT] Validating and imagery offset

Kretzer kretzer at gmx.net
Mon Oct 24 12:03:33 UTC 2016

as there seemed to be a need for validating the last Haiti projects, I did some tiles, though I am not very comfortable with validating - considering myself halfway experienced at best.

I found several tiles that were very neatly mapped, all the buidlings squared, although they were all done by new mappers ... probably that was a mapathon or something with good instructions and supervisison.

But I don't really know what do do when I hit structures that are mapped to different imagery whith quite a lot of offset, like here: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/2229#task/188
Should I clean this up while validating the "buildings only" project? How would I do this, align everything to Bing? (I remmeber having read that this is considered the most accurate). But then I would have to move around a lot of polygons, as all the new buildings are mapped to the custom imagery.
Or would you move the road to fit in with the majority of existing structures?

Thanks for your advice!

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