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Mhairi O'Hara mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org
Mon Oct 31 04:52:24 UTC 2016

Salam from Indonesia,

The HOT Export Tool is due for some much needed bug fixes and feature
enhancements to make the overall user experience easier to extract the
desired OSM data in specific file format. We are also looking at extending
the tool to support exports to the Humanitarian Data Exchange

 (HDX) on a regular basis, and would like to discuss this with the

All the open issues on the Export Tool GitHub
 have been compiled together in a document for everyone to review and share
their thoughts on. Please add comments to the Google doc [1], which we can
discuss this coming Wednesday. The community chat for the revision and
development of the Export Tool will take place on Gitter in the following
chatroom at 1400 UTC on the 2nd October:


Kind regards,


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eXMXxch2RCQ8Nq5Rmqr54QVEW4QJK

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