[HOT] OpenDroneMap and Portable OSM (POSM)

Dan Joseph dan.b.joseph at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 20:04:03 UTC 2016

Hi All,

The American Red Cross GIS Team is constantly looking for new ways to
improve our workflows and learn from the OpenStreetMap and FOSS4G
communities. The vast majority of the GIS analysis and map making we do is
done using FOSS4G tools and we strive to be effective contributors as well
as consumers.

We've supported the development of Portable OSM (POSM <
https://github.com/AmericanRedCross/posm> as an affordable (can be run on
hardware costing less than $300) solution to make OpenStreetMap,
OpenMapKit, and Field Papers available for deployments in
connectivity-limited environments. POSM consolidates cloud-based tools into
a portable server that acts as a temporary local data hub for digital
mapping, surveying, and field media collection.

The next stage of development is working with the folks at Stamen to
incorporate OpenDroneMap (for processing UAV imagery) into the stack of
software available for installation on a POSM. We'd love to hear your
thoughts, concerns, use-cases, and other comments. Send us an email or
leave an issue on the POSM GitHub repository <

- Dan Joseph
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