[HOT] Community chat on field mapping management application | April 18

Nate Smith nate at hotosm.org
Fri Apr 7 08:44:30 UTC 2017

Hello OpenStreetMappers -

HOT is at the very beginning stages of scoping out the concept of a new
field mapping organizing application -- managing field mapping at scale.
The idea stems from the need to help local mappers organize and encourage
high-quality data collection on the ground with other local mappers. Local
mapping can be organized through a local OSM group, or local mapping can be
organized via an organization that wants to coordinate its volunteers or
staff. A gap exists to help facilitate and manage how to focus editing OSM
in the field.

The purpose of this application is help manage field mapping in OSM and
we’re looking for input. To do this, we’re looking to support
functionalities such as connecting to different (mobile) data collection
apps, automated metrics and error checking, and data review workflows.

*HOT will host a community chat at 14:00 UTC on Tuesday, April 18 to
discuss this project. *Have you organized field mapping efforts in your
community? Or have you mapped your local community but were curious to know
what else is important for your community to map? Please join the community
chat to give input.

This will be a text chat on HOT’s Slack community, #field-campaigner
channel. You can sign up and join for HOT’s Slack community at

If you can’t make it, you can still contribute to the conversation or
follow along on the project’s Github repo:
https://github.com/hotosm/field-campaigner. You will find some initial wiki
pages and issues for discussion.


Nate Smith
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
@nas_smith <https://twitter.com/nas_smith>
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