[HOT] Using the HOT Tasking Manager for field data upload to OSM projects

Paul Stewart pjstewart1984 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 10:40:22 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I work with GIS at MSF-UK.

We are conducting a fairly grand-scale field survey in South Kivu in June.
We are collecting using OSM keys because we ultimately want the data in OSM
and for all.

The survey will produce lots of data and we could do with help uploading it
to OSM. I am therefore creating a field data upload to OSM workflow for
volunteer mappers and which we hope will be tested by a group of Missing
Maps London mapathon attendees and JOSM users post-June.

I am still very much thinking the workflow through, but it will necessarily
involve volunteers:

   - Downloading a .csv file with an OSM key header and values cleaned in
   - Installing the OpenData plugin and opening the .csv file in JOSM;
   - Installing the ToDo list plugin and adding the .csv file features to
   ToDo list;
   - And working through the .csv file features, referencing against aerial
   imagery and OSM data and either adding keys and values to map features or
   creating new map features.

I think it would be great if this work was channeled through the HOT
Tasking Manager. There would be many advantages. Tasking Manager:

   - Would help portion up and distribute the work (could the .csv be made
   downloadable from the Contribute tab?);
   - Would ultimately allow contributions from around the world;
   - Could host the step-by-step guide I am producing and project-specific
   - And would facilitate validation.

I would love to chat with those fluent in the Tasking Manager to explore
the possibilities.


Paul Stewart
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