[HOT] Will you support local mapathons?

Rebecca Firth rebecca.firth at hotosm.org
Tue Apr 11 19:32:20 UTC 2017

Hi HOT Community,

We have developed a tool to try to connect our experienced mappers
worldwide with people who are looking to set up mapathons. If you're keen
to help the setup of mapathons where you live, you can sign up by scrolling
to the bottom here <http://www.missingmaps.org/host/>.

We will display a map on the HOT and Missing Maps websites, with flags
displayed where we have volunteers. You can volunteer to attend in person,
or you can offer support remotely.

Additionally, if you are interested in running a mapathon yourself, there
are lots of materials to support you to do this here
<http://www.missingmaps.org/host/>. We are also happy to answer questions
via info at hotosm.org.

We currently have a lot of mapping and Mapswiping to do for malaria
elimination. You can support by mapping these projects
swiping Cambodia and Laos on the Mapswipe app <https://mapswipe.org/>, or
by hosting a mapathon.

Thank you for your continued support,


*Rebecca Firth*
Community Partnerships Manager
rebecca.firth at hotosm.org <tyler.radford at hotosm.org>
Skype: rebeccafirth

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