[HOT] an in your spare time project. Cleaning up the imports.

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 17:56:35 UTC 2017

This is not for beginners and its much more something to think about first
before rushing in.

I've been looking over bits of Africa and one thing that stands out is the
large number of imported highways.  Unfortunately they don't always align
to the imagery.  Well they can be within a km or two of where they should
be so they are better than nothing.

Another thing that stands out is the very large number of
highway=unclassified.  I suspect someone with a bit of expertise could
relabel some of these to tertiary.  If we had a few people with local
knowledge we might even be able to confirm that two villages a km apart are
in fact joined by their own private motorway but that is just in passing.

I think it needs a systematic approach to chop the continent up in large
tiles but not downloaded directly from the OSM server but taken from the
daily dumps since we are talking big tiles here.  It can be done by
individual mappers using OSMconvert64 but getting the longitude followed by
the latitude correct is not for the faint of heart.

Because it doesn't fall under an conventional activation for a disaster,
nor does it fall under the mapping for health reasons ie conventional HOT
tasking manger I think it needs a different approach.

I would suggest that one based on the countries with the lowest GDP per
capita get highest priority.  The thinking being that I think there is some
economic value here but it does need to be organised.

Cheerio John
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