[HOT] an in your spare time project. Cleaning up the imports.

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 22:04:52 UTC 2017

Replying to my own message to add this...

Instead of adding code to the TM or overpass to change xyz into lat-lon
someone with some apache or other web server experience could set up a
really simple "proxy" service that accepts a url with xyz coords in it
and uses url-rewriting rules to redirect the request through to overpass
with the bbox coords in place of the xyz coords.  I.E. just accept a url
like the following:


and do an http redirect to:

http://overpassAPIserver.com?query={{bbox=1.0, 2.0, 1.5, 2.5}}restOfQuery...

I don't know enough about apache to do this myself, but I know it is not
difficult to do with url rewriting.  This way we could put a clickable
link right on the TM using the existing code and have it do an overpass
query specific to that task square.  This would be useful for a lot of
kinds of projects HOT could do, not just this specific one.


On 04/13/2017 04:55 PM, Andrew Buck wrote:
> This is an interesting idea, go over the whole continent and do a very
> rough QA process.  Only clean up the most egregious problems like vmap0
> roads that are only accurate to 1 km; buildings mapped as area=yes; and
> a run through the josm validator to get the biggest problems resolved.
> (Note that the validator is very picky so getting every validator issue
> fixed is probably too much but the bigger ones like untagged ways,
> broken multipolygons, etc, would be doable).
> Rather than using OSM convert and taking from the extracts we could have
> an overpass query embedded into the individual tiles in the TM task.
> The TM already has functionality to have a clickable link specific to
> each task where you can autofill the correct x-y-z tile numbers for that
> specific task.  I don't think overpass supports x-y-z coords for
> bounding boxes but it might be possible to have them add that
> functionality; either that or add a feature to the TM to allow the
> lat-lon bounding box coords to be specified in the URL instead of the
> x-y-z coords.  Either one would involve a bit of coding in the
> respective project but it would be a pretty minnimal addition to either
> project.
> Ultimately I think this is a really interesting idea, we just need to
> work out the particulars for how exactly to go about it.
> -AndrewBuck
> On 04/13/2017 12:56 PM, john whelan wrote:
>> This is not for beginners and its much more something to think about first
>> before rushing in.
>> I've been looking over bits of Africa and one thing that stands out is the
>> large number of imported highways.  Unfortunately they don't always align
>> to the imagery.  Well they can be within a km or two of where they should
>> be so they are better than nothing.
>> Another thing that stands out is the very large number of
>> highway=unclassified.  I suspect someone with a bit of expertise could
>> relabel some of these to tertiary.  If we had a few people with local
>> knowledge we might even be able to confirm that two villages a km apart are
>> in fact joined by their own private motorway but that is just in passing.
>> I think it needs a systematic approach to chop the continent up in large
>> tiles but not downloaded directly from the OSM server but taken from the
>> daily dumps since we are talking big tiles here.  It can be done by
>> individual mappers using OSMconvert64 but getting the longitude followed by
>> the latitude correct is not for the faint of heart.
>> Because it doesn't fall under an conventional activation for a disaster,
>> nor does it fall under the mapping for health reasons ie conventional HOT
>> tasking manger I think it needs a different approach.
>> I would suggest that one based on the countries with the lowest GDP per
>> capita get highest priority.  The thinking being that I think there is some
>> economic value here but it does need to be organised.
>> Cheerio John
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