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Bryan Housel bryan at 7thposition.com
Thu Apr 20 19:09:06 UTC 2017

I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing a new version of iD in the next week or two.
If you are fluent in multiple languages, or know someone who is, I’d love your help in translating iD!

We support over 70 languages, but many of them are barely translated.  Localizing iD helps bring OpenStreetMap to more users around the world. If you’re not already a translator, please sign up for Transifex and join a translation team here: https://www.transifex.com/ideditor/id-editor/dashboard/ <https://www.transifex.com/ideditor/id-editor/dashboard/>

Translating is something that anybody can do, even if they are not directly involved in OpenStreetMap or Open Source software.  

Please forward this to anybody that might be interested in helping, thanks!
Or retweet:  https://twitter.com/bhousel/status/854883315693875206 <https://twitter.com/bhousel/status/854883315693875206>


More details on the upcoming 2.2 release:

* Translators can now preview their work on our new development mirror!  No more waiting until the next version of iD to see how things look.  Simply visit http://preview.ideditor.com/master/ <http://preview.ideditor.com/master/> - which is updated every 10 minutes with the latest strings from Transifex.

* We’ve made big changes to the iD walkthrough to make it more friendly and also teach better editing practices.  There is a lot of new content to translate, but these changes will be immediately helpful to the thousands of new users each day that make their first OpenStreetMap edits.

* The walkthrough itself is more open-ended, with dedicated steps that let the user play and explore the town at their own pace.  To support this, we’ve made the whole town localizable - streets, businesses, place names - adding about 120 new strings to the core resource under the `intro.graph.name.*` keys.  While the source strings do correspond to actual places in Three Rivers Michigan, the names of these features in the walkthrough do not need to be translated literally - it’s OK to make up reasonable sounding names in your local languages.

As before, thank you for your help!  I appreciate all of the hard work done by our fantastic volunteer teams of translators to make editing in iD simple and fun for everybody worldwide.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and thanks again!

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