[HOT] Validation gossip

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 00:25:40 UTC 2017

It's not validation in the conventional sense but there seems to be some
sort of system that detects crossing highways I suspect by using overpass.
It was developed in Europe for crossing highways there but has now been
extended to cover other places and I'm not sure of the name of it.

Anyway rat_run I hope I have the user name right, has been hard at work
fixing highways in Africa.  I don't think they are a HOT mapper they just
clean up the map.  I certainly seem to often find they have fixed the map a
few hours before I get there using the daily dump loaded into JOSM.

So if you are hoping to use OpenStreetMap for routing in Africa it looks as
if things are improving.

Cheerio John
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