[HOT] enabling remote Josm on tasks.hotosm.org/

Bill whatt at att.net
Sat Apr 29 22:26:54 UTC 2017

I have been mapping with iD for a week.

I looked at Josm instructions and videos today. I downloaded Josm.

I cannot get Josm to work remotely with tasks.hotosm.org/ .

I enabled remote control through Josm preferences.

I looked at some answers online.

I tried


If the problem is NoScript then you can to allow the request through the 
ABE blocker rules as follows:

1) Open the NoScripts options dialog,
2) Goto the Advanced pane then the ABE sub-pane
3) Change the SYSTEM rule to read:

|Site Accept from *.openstreetmap.org Deny Site 
LOCAL Accept from LOCAL Deny |


Still get "Josm remote control did not respond"  error message.

Not sure what else to try.

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