Jan Martinec jan at martinec.name
Thu Dec 14 18:48:58 UTC 2017


>From what I've seen as tech support at mapathons, a current version of
Firefox is the least problematic - works consistently across Windows, Mac
and various Linuxes. You might need to do the usual setup steps to get JOSM
Remote control to work:
- start JOSM
- enable Remote Control in settings
- restart JOSM
- open in Firefox
- see it complain about unknown certificate
- add an exception for this certificate

>From this point on, all should work correctly. (I've seen issues on
Webkit-based  browsers - Safari, Chromium, Chrome - due to their different
way of handling certificates, FF is easiest to setup)

Jan "Piskvor" Martinec

Dne 14. 12. 2017 19:24 napsal uĹživatel "john whelan" <jwhelan0112 at gmail.com

Anyone any experience about what works especially which browser works with
task manager and passes through the remote control stuff.

I am aware that IMAC or Windows is a religious choice and would prefer not
to get into any discussion of religion.

Thanks John

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