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Sat Feb 25 13:12:46 UTC 2017

>-buildings are marked as points and not traced

This is acceptable to OpenStreetMap.  Adding additional information is
easier to a node with things such as osmand etc.

> -residential areas are drawn for less than three buildings

Although many projects have this in the instructions I'm not sure that
drawing one for two buildings is an error by OpenStreetMap standards.

Cheerio John

On 25 February 2017 at 05:13, Arne Kimmig <arnekimmig at icloud.com> wrote:

> Hi Florian and all,
> Thanks a lot Florian, I was also thinking about giving a similar feedback
> for the Aweil project. I support Florian's suggestions and below I added
> some more detailed comments about my observations during mapping.
> I also think that TM is a great tool and in connection with Josm (I don’t
> know ID) I really enjoy mapping.
> Best regards,
> Arne
> Errors I watched in the Aweil project
> -buildings are marked as points and not traced
> -buildings are not rounded or rectangular
> -buildings get marked and tagged with additional information like
> 'residential'
> -residential areas are drawn for less than three buildings
> -residential areas are marked or tagged as building
> -tasks are marked as done even if the mapper knows that residential areas
> are missing. Sometimes you find the comment 'did only buildings' or so.
> -tasks are marked as done without any comment
> Some questions that arose during my mapping in the Aweil project:
> - What to do when I'm not sure if the structure is a building or not? Do
> not map it? Map it? Mark it with a fixme=confirm property?
> - there are different styles mapping residential areas: some map narrowly
> around the buildings, others map them by clustering tukuls that are not to
> far apart (50m or 100m), and others map  big areas according to fences and
> geophysical borders. I know that there is no easy rule to define but there
> might some recommendations how to do it.
> I myself started with narrow areas, then I was clustering somehow by
> distance and now I try to follow geophysical borders and fences.
> > Am 25.02.2017 um 09:25 schrieb Florian Niel <florian.niel at gmail.com>:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > In December 2016 I found HOT by accident and started contributing. Now I
> have seen some different types of projects and want to give feedback about
> the tasking manager.
> >
> > 1) Information for new users:
> > I think it is really good. The system with the description and the
> instrucions first is really helpful. Maybe some images of the most common
> mistakes plus how it should be done in the instructions window would help
> the not English speaking mappers to avoid mistakes.
> >
> > 2) Questions about a project
> > I wish there was a comment section for every project where anyone can
> ask general questions. For example if I realize that same things are being
> mapped differently, I coud ask how it should be done and everybody would
> see the answer. Right now I can just send a personal note to the project
> manager or ask the question in the square-comment-box. Both ways are not
> helpful to other mappers as they cannot see it.
> > For the Aweil project this possibility exists as a separate website (
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/JanBohmMSF/diary/40072) and has been
> very helpful for me and other mappers.
> >
> > 3) Information for validators
> > I soon started validating easy projects after some weeks. I thought I
> had seen enough and tried to do like the other validators. I did not know
> about the wiki page for validation (I just found it today). It would have
> been great if the tasking manager had showed me the link to the wiki or
> other useful information for validators when I clicked the "Review the
> work" button the first time.
> > Or even better, provide a second button next to the "Review the work"
> button which says something like "Validation instructions" which directs
> you to the validation wiki page (or something similar, but
> project-specific). I think this would encourage more mappers to start
> validating.
> >
> > Best,
> > Florian
> >
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