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Mon Mar 6 23:25:58 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

You may wondering why I'm missing in HOT's action since couple years ago -
that's because I was busy working on my research for my masters.

Now I'm pleased to announce that my research titled *Volunteered Geographic
Information (VGI) for Disaster Management *is completed. Unfortunately I
can't published the thesis document yet as it's being examined.However,
summary of results (in English and Indonesian) can be found here:

Paper version for journal publication is on progress.


*Existing studies reveal that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be
used to enhance disaster management for reducing disaster risks. However,
geospatial information acquisition is a key challenge when using GIS for
disaster management, particularly in developing countries. A number of
studies reveal that Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) has potential
as an alternative method for collecting geospatial information in disaster
management. Researchers have called for the development of a framework to
account VGI issues.*

*This thesis presented a framework to improve VGI use in disaster
management by using a qualitative case study of VGI use for flood
management in Jakarta. Two qualitative techniques were applied for data
collection to identify VGI potential, limitations, and opportunities in
disaster management: (i) in-depth structured interviews of 13 participants
with experience in producing, managing, and using VGI for disaster
management in Jakarta, and (ii) a focus group discussion (FGD) with 13
individuals from a local community with experience in conducting VGI
activities to reduce flood risks in their local area. Thematic analysis was
used to analyse the qualitative data.*
*Findings from this thesis include how stakeholders in Jakarta are
extending the use of VGI in management by using collaborative mapping and
geo-located reporting tools. VGI can provide advantages, such as
cost-benefit ratios, functionality, and knowledge adding attributes. *

*This thesis also identified that VGI issues comprise legal, credibility,
public participation, stakeholder engagement, and interoperability. A key
contribution of this thesis is a VGI-disaster management framework which
comprises non-technical and technical components. This framework builds a
strong foundation to enable VGI proliferation in disaster management for
government and non-government.*


*Emir Hartato*
Master of Geographic Information Science (MGIS) Student
Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, Christchurch NZ
Indonesia Mobile: +6287766721375 | NZ Mobile:  +64221887496
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