[HOT] Broken (multi)polygon cleanup

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Thu Mar 16 19:46:11 UTC 2017

Hi Blake,

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 05:29:04PM +0100, Blake Girardot HOT/OSM wrote:
> Can you send me something that would help me see those 1600 examples
> you found on OSM so I can see what might be going on and how to
> improve things in HOT/MM workflow to reduce them?

Those 1600 are some very specific errors I am currently looking at, but
only have those on my local machine currently. But for the wider picture
you can use the OSM Inspectors "area" view to see the scope of the problem.

Just go to any place where HOT/MM was active. Here is an example:

My current workflow is as follows: I choose one particular well-defined
problem and extract the data from OSM that shows this problem. Then I
put the data into Maproulette and document the problem and how to fix
it. Some problems are easier, some harder to fix. Mappers can choose
what problems to work on based on their skill level. If somebody
doesn't feel comfortable with one of the harder problems, there are
simpler ones they can work on. I also have some more general
descriptions for the experts who want to go exploring/fixing on their
own. Once the challenges are done, I choose a new problem and start the
process from the beginning.

Here are the current challenges: http://area.jochentopf.com/fixing.html

Usually I am splitting up larger challenges into regions, for instance
by continent or country. I could also do this by HOT activation area or
so if that makes sense for HOT mappers. Splitting up, often makes the
problems easier to fix, because problems inside an area are often very
similar, but different to problems in other areas due to mapping
priorities and methods. For instance, some regions have lots of problems
with buildings, others with landuse areas, etc. Concentrating on one
very well-defined problem at a time makes all this work simpler.

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