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Rebecca Firth rebecca.firth at hotosm.org
Wed Mar 22 21:59:52 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Sharing details on upcoming virtual seminars provided by HOT partner GEO
(Group on Earth Observations) <https://www.earthobservations.org/index.php>
for anyone interested:

The GCI is the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GEOSS is the Global Earth
Observation System of Systems that GEO has been building for the last
decade). The GEOSS Portal: geoportal.org with 200m+ open Earth observation
data resources is part of the GCI: OSM data is brokered via the GCI and HOT
OSM is a participating organisation in GEO.

As part of GEO's user requirements gathering for the GCI, there have been a
series of free virtual seminars on topics related to the thematic areas
where open EO data is available in the GCI. The next seminar is on 29th
March: http://www.earthobservations.org/documents/meetings/20170329_

The seminars are managed by the GEO Secretariat, the National Research
Council for Italy and the European Space Agency. The presenters are the
leads from implementation activities linked to the GEO Work Programme:
Copernicus DIAS (Data and Information Access Service), GDIS (Global Drought
Information System), GEOGLOWS (GEO Global Water Sustainability), Aquawatch
(GEO Water Quality Community of Practice) and GEOCRI (GEO Cold Regions
Initiative). Please register if you are interested.


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