[HOT] Mapswipe - whats happening with the data?

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Mon Mar 27 07:02:43 UTC 2017

Yes, Mapswipe is powerful indeed. Pete described the processing for Sierra
Leone. It didn't just result in "less work for the mapper", it also made
the mapping work itself possible for new mappers. We finished these tasks
(2664, 2680, 2710, 2711, 2712) before breakfast (well, almost) during our
Belgian National Mapathon this weekend. Almost all of them were new mappers.

In many tasks, previous mappers will have added some or all needed data,
but not mark the tile as done in the tasking manager. Or they look at a
huge patch of (African) satellite picture for the first time, and don't
find anything to map. This is all very confusing to a new mapper. In this
case, that was avoided, because we could focus on areas that we know were
empty AND have something to map.

There will be some write-ups about our big mapathon, and it might be worth
push-notifying something about how Mapswipe is used in practice to the
Mapswipe contributor, through the app. It is not enough to do cool stuff,
people need to really know they're making cool stuff possible :)

One thing that is up for improving, is that the preprocessing sometimes
results in miniscule tasks. It looks really strange and it is confusing for
users (an example: http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/2664#task/340). Just a
matter of using a slightly different processing. From what I see, I would
guess that the mapswipe work is used to create arbitrary polygons of
"please map me areas". Then they are split up according to some standard
grid, to make sure tasks aren't huge. That process needs some tweaking, for
example apply a rule like "if resulting task < 100 m², merge it to the
adjacent task".

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