[HOT] HOT carto, Re: Buildings and residential areas: Buldings as nodes (Q1)

Bjoern Hassler bjohas+mw at gmail.com
Thu May 25 09:09:09 UTC 2017

Hi all,

just to follow up on the buildings discussion - it seems that it's not
likely that node-buildings will be rendered in the standard cartography,
see https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/806.

However, I think there is a case for rendering node-buildings in the HOT
cartography? I'll file a suggestion here: https://github.com/


On 23 May 2017 at 04:54, Rob Savoye <rob at senecass.com> wrote:

> On 05/22/2017 01:44 PM, john whelan wrote:
> > consider and it is a major part of engineering.  No matter what
> compression
> > system is used four nodes will always take up four times the space as one
> > node.  Maybe not with .7z compression looking for strings in the long lat
> > but its a good rule of thumb.  Again OSM is now running the largest
> > database known in whatever it is running in, I forget the name.  It's
>   OSM uses PostgreSQL with the postgis and hstore extensions. I run it
> locally to save on bandwidth latency, plus it works offline too cause
> connectivity is poor around here. Mobile bandwidth is getting better all
> the time all over the planet though. Adding data to OSM is better to be
> done the way most others do it than worrying about bandwidth.
>   Looking into a few OSM files, I see <node> used as a building that
> hasn't been mapped as a polygon, ie.. just a waypoint. That's useful
> enough for most people trying to find someplace. For a building that
> actually has it's dimensions mapped, then it's a <way>, with references
> to each <node>. It depends what type of info you want from your map.
> When generating a display map, a <node> won't appear as a building,
> it'll just be a cute icon. If you want to see a whole building shape, it
> needs to be a <way>. Some buildings have both.
>         - rob -
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