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Nate Smith nate at hotosm.org
Wed Oct 18 15:31:21 UTC 2017

Hello HOT!

Many know back in August we shared progress on the new Tasking Manager
(TM3) along with a launch plan. We paused the launch as our community
ramped up to map during the many disasters that happened in August,
September, and October. While we still have ongoing disaster mapping
projects, we're now in a position to make the transition and roll out the
new Tasking Manager.

Expect an update to tasks.hotosm.org today!

*What should you expect? *

In a few hours, we'll begin the process of migrating the data on the
current Tasking Manager (TM2) to the new TM3. Once this begins, TM2 will be
closed for any additional updates. We will then be directing the
tasks.hotosm.org URL to the new TM3 application. You may see some down
time, but we'll be working to make this as quick of a process as possible.

*What else do you need to know? *

   - Read more about the new TM from Blake's blog post:
   - You can also find information on the What is New page of the new TM:
   - Check out the frequently asked questions page:

*If you experience some difficulty accessing the Tasking Manager after
several hours*

We'll post an update to this thread once the process is fully complete. If
you find that you have difficulty accessing after this update, feel free to
reach out on Slack but before you do, please clear your cache and cookies
(or try in an incognito window). You can read more about clearing cache and
cookies on Google Chrome and other browsers here

Thank you!


On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 11:31 PM, Cristiano Giovando <
cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org> wrote:

> Dear HOT community,
> After many months of hard work and thousands of new lines of code, the new
> version of the Tasking Manager is almost ready to launch. For those of you
> who haven't followed the technical development, you can check out the TM3
> code repository here https://github.com/hotosm/tasking-manager
> We're holding a community chat tomorrow at 17:00 UTC over in the
> #tasking_manager_3 channel of HOT's slack (https://hotosm-slack.
> herokuapp.com/). If you would like to participate in the launch, learn
> more about new exciting features and coordinate for updating user
> documentation, please join us!
> We outlined details of the launch plan here http://bit.ly/tm3-launch-plan
> and welcome your feedback and participation to make this exciting
> transition as smooth as possible.
> Best,
> Cristiano
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