[HOT] Checking validation work in TM3

Scott Davies mr.scott.davies at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 07:14:26 UTC 2017

There's a lot I love about TM3, and hats off to those that put in the hard
work to make it happen.

There are a few teething issues, though. eg. Many projects in the new TM
are still open to anyone to validate, so it's necessary to check that newer
validators are doing a good job. But this is more difficult than it was in

The problem is finding the squares they validated in order to review them.

   - Hovering over 'start' next to the user's name on the main project page
   can show you which task squares they've mapped, but not those they've
   - The Activity & Stats page shows how many squares a user has validated
   (under 'Contributions'), which allows us to figure out which newer users
   are validating. So far, so good. However that list doesn't include any link
   to the actual task.
   - The 'last activity' list similarly contains the information about who
   is doing what in the project (and is expandable, unlike in TM2), but the
   usefulness of that list is greatly undermined by the fact that, again,
   there is no link to the task.
   - The 'Comments by users' list *does* provide a link to the specific
   task square. However, where they've left a comment it's normally where
   they've invalidated the square; but if we're checking their work we're
   generally more interested in the ones they've validated (ie. possibly
   wrongly). And those who aren't used to validating might not leave a comment
   at all, of course.
   - Another option is to look at the user's profile page, which shows the
   number of tasks mapped and validated, but again, this doesn't have a link
   to specific tasks. (As an aside, in the list of projects on the user's
   page, the totals are incorrect-- but perhaps that issue is already known).

Given all the above, I'm currently generally resorting to clicking randomly
on squares on the map, hoping to find one that the specific user I'm
interested in has validated-- very time-consuming.

Have I missed something? There must be an easier way to do this?
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