[HOT] Fwd: Tasking Manager : map tiles not loading at lower zooms

Nikhil VJ nikhil.js at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 15:39:46 UTC 2017

Ok.. How about reverting to the default OSM tileset till the issue is resolved?


On 10/29/17, Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> There's an overload problem on the tile renderer and the tiles wanted are
> missing in the server front caches (which are also overloaded or have
> problems connecting to the renderers for several of the styles renderered).
> Even some static images for the UI are not loading. It looks there's a
> connectivity network problem between front caches and background image
> servers.
> 2017-10-29 15:23 GMT+01:00 Nikhil VJ <nikhil.js at gmail.com>:
>> Hello, cross-posting this to the mailing list as I just joined now:
>> We're planning a mapping activity for rural roads in Pune district in
>> India.
>> Our project is here:
>> http://tasks.openstreetmap.in/project/89
>> (Still in draft mode)
>> We are facing an issue in the Tasking Manager interface : Map tiles are
>> not loading beyond country zoom level. The browser console shows errors.
>> Screenshots of the interface and error messages:
>> At 50km scale: https://i.imgur.com/1JFm74T.png
>> At 20km scale: https://i.imgur.com/UhSrAiQ.png
>> Console errors : https://i.imgur.com/dLch0Hy.png
>> The task manager is not loading regular OSM tiles : here are a couple of
>> error'd URLs:
>> http://tile-a.openstreetmap.fr/hot/8/180/114.png
>> http://tile-c.openstreetmap.fr/hot/8/179/114.png
>> Since it appears to be a HOT-specific tile source, it's possible that
>> those areas might not have been provisioned or something.
>> Is there something we could do here? In the Edit mode there is an
>> "Imagery" tab but I have not been able to get anything through that.
>> Why we need to see the map behind our shapes/grid : We want to start with
>> the shapes that have roads marked and work our way from there, so that we
>> can connect to existing road network rather than making orphaned paths.
>> --
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Nikhil VJ
Pune, India
DataMeet Pune chapter <https://datameet-pune.github.io/>
Self-designed learner at Swaraj University <http://www.swarajuniversity.org>
Blog <http://nikhilsheth.blogspot.in>
Contribute <https://www.instamojo.com/@nikhilvj/>

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