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The HOT and FOSS4G community have been working hard to develop the
conference Code of Conduct for the upcoming event in Tanzania (
http://2018.foss4g.org/). The goal is to ensure the conference is as
welcoming and safe as it can be, and maintain a commitment to diverse and
inclusive conferences. Part of this means hosting conferences in countries
where HOT works as an organisation and where there are strong local OSM
communities. However, this does raise important concerns about safety and
security for attendees. We hope a re-drafted CoC will help all future
events happening in countries with similar local laws to Tanzania, to
ensure they can protect the interests and security of attendees as best as
possible. SOTM Africa, future, SOTMs, etc etc..

The Summit/FOSS4G Working Groups have a re-drafted policy and would love
feedback from an as-diverse-as-possible group. If you're keen to support,
please get in touch with Amelia and Rachel in copy, who will send you a
copy of the policy and gladly hear your feedback.



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