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Dear Blake, thanks for bringing the attention of the mailing list to
twitter traffic. I am convinced on the importance of tweeting to broadcast
what we do as a community and gain attention for specific geographic areas
and themes that need support from humanitarian agencies.

I share a recent paper published in PeerJ correlating scientific
communication and paper citations in ecology:


Juan F. Blanco

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2018-04-16 7:26 GMT-05:00 Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com>:

> Dear Friends,
> I am not a twitter person, but I did happen to look over HOT's twitter
> traffic this weekend and was just overwhelmed with the messages of
> successes from people.
> I am really glad I saw them and feel like I would have missed out if I
> did not by chance happen on these. So, hopefully you feel the same way
> and here is my HOT's twitter traffic "Can't miss" tweets from the last
> few days. I am sure I missed some, as I said, I am not very good at
> twitter.
> If you are not a twitter user, you can still click on the links and
> see the tweet and the pictures (lots of pictures), and follow links to
> other places on the web they shared.
> If you are a twitter user, I am sure you will be inspired to retweet
> and follow these community builders.
> On to the tweets!!
> ===================================
> Humanitarian mapping is helping  fishermen to know better their
> territories and to be aware on the importance of coastal wetlands.
> #Mangroves and #people for resilience #Southerncaribbean #Turbo thnks
> to @hotosm #Microgrant #crowdsourcing
> https://twitter.com/Manglares360/status/985254982994849797
> Manglares 360º @Manglares360
> ====================================
> High school 8th-10th graders learn principles of mapping + resiliency
> using @hotosm #Microgrant 2017 maps. Some of them supported the Field
> paper and interview process at El Uno Bay last year! Thks HS teacher
> Ezequiela Tovar
> #COASTMAP #Urabá #Colombia
> #scicomm #citizenscience
> https://twitter.com/Mangle_Blanco/status/984912163750993925
> juan felipe blanco @Mangle_Blanco
> ====================================
> Find here the English Version of the blog on the FieldsMapping project
> @OSM_Mali lead last September in #Mali
> Thank you @liotier translating this into #English
> @ProjetEOF @osmafrica @hotosm @TheMissingMaps @Crowd2Map @youthmappers
> @assocCartONG
> https://bit.ly/2GUyPkA
> #Map4Ml
> https://twitter.com/Honorable_Nath/status/984792811596865536
> Nathalie SIDIBE @Honorable_Nath
> ====================================
> @hotosm your voice is heard and role of citizen generated data
> recognized in discussions at High-level Seminar on Strategic
> Partnerships in Official Statistics
> @UNECE #CGDforSDGs @Data4SDGs
> https://twitter.com/TylerSRadford/status/984409381218418688
> Tyler Radford @TylerSRadford
> ====================================
> Nous lançons une cartographie #OpenStreetMap participative
> d’Ifanadiana à Madagascar pour mesurer et améliorer l’accès aux soins,
> avec @hotosm. C’est un projet Coup de Pouce de @ird_fr avec
> @pivotmadagascar et @osmreunion, réalisé @UmrEspaceDev & @MIVEGEC
> https://tasks.hotosm.org/project/4408
> https://twitter.com/vherbreteau/status/984129825190359040
> Vincent Herbreteau @vherbreteau
> ====================================
> The commitment of @hotosm and @openstreetmap #VOLUNTEERS is so
> inspiring and will go a long way in supporting #MalariaElimination
> efforts in Botswana. Everyone can support this effort by tracing
> buildings or roads
> https://twitter.com/lusdavo/status/984010307281571841
> David Luswata @lusdavo
> ====================================
> Vayan apuntando en las agendas el día 26 de abril #mapatonhumanitario
> #semanadelageografia con @Geografia_UZ y @MSF_Espana cc
> @openstreetmapes @hotosm @TheMissingMaps @ZGZActiva
> https://twitter.com/MapColabora/status/985799182349893632
> Mapeado Colaborativo @MapColabora
> ====================================
> Thrilled to be at #AAG18 to talk w/ next gen geographers about why the
> humanitarian sector needs them. A few of the orgs breaking the mold w/
> applied #geography : http://mapx.org  @WeRobotics @hotosm @Data4SDGs
> @NASAEarth http://thegomap.org  Happy #CitizenScienceDay
> https://twitter.com/RuthRhoadsAllen/status/985338319851737089
> Ruth Rhoads Allen @RuthRhoadsAllen
> ====================================
> OSM Training at St. Mawaggali Technical College in Choma. It has been
> an exciting group, @youthmappers a chapter has been created,
> faciltated by @KondananiZambia @hotosm @NetHope_org @markpreston3
> @OSMZambia @chombacc @RebeccaFirthy @TEACHOSM
> https://twitter.com/TrudyHopeB/status/981556558990594048
> Namitala Gertrude @TrudyHopeB
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> Blake Girardot
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