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Mon Feb 26 04:11:52 UTC 2018

Greetings HOT community,


We're waiting to get more information on the situation in Papua New Guinea
as they were struck with a magnitude 7.5 earthquake Sunday, followed by many
major aftershocks/secondary quakes (which continue, the last being less than
an hour before writing this). For now we have a fairly easy project to
prepare a basemap. I left it unrestricted, so those who have been asking for
a way to try out validation, have at it - just keep in mind the tips and
tricks from the Validation Webinar <https://t.co/PLqYJQ8kj7> . The project
can be found under Disaster Response on the Tasking Manger:
onse> &campaign=Disaster%20Response 


We also still have urgent tasks for more experienced mappers for Cyclone
Gita, updating Tonga with new imagery:


And a bit of validation left for the flooding in Bolivia which can be found
at the Disaster Response link above.


Thank you in advance for taking some time this week to map and/or validate a
bit for these response and recovery efforts!



Russell Deffner

Volunteer Disaster Mapping Coordinator

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