[HOT] OSM mobilization (flood zone in Kinshasa neighborhoods)

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Sat Jun 9 21:41:28 UTC 2018


While coordinating the Ebola Response with humanitarian organizations in
Mbandala, *OSM-DRC* faces other challenges and calls for support from the
OSM community.

You can help map vulnerable neighborhoods in Kinshasa that are prone to
cholera outbreaks and floods. The area is a transit point for people coming
from Ebola areas (near the airport).

See https ://tasks.hotosm.org/project/4685

As part of a partnership with Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and
Recovery (GFDRR), https://www.gfdrr.org/en/who-we-are-beta- ,    the OSFAC
https://osfac.net/    (Observatory satellite forests of Central Africa ...)
and Potentiel3.0 (http: //www.potentiel3-0. org / index.php / en /
<http://www.potentiel3-0.org/ index.php/en/>) and the OSM-DRC community
http://openstreetmap.cd/fr/ are mobilizing themselves within the Open
Cities Africa project.

The idea is to mobilize strongly local communities. These can play a vital
role given their knowledge of the territory.

We will collect, with them and for them, information on the characteristics
of different neighborhoods and their environmental vulnerabilities.

*They will be trained in OSM* editing techniques and tools, and in
collecting relevant field data.

*The OSM-RDC team will be at your side during this mapping*, in the field,
duing the digitization and validation.

And we look forward to seeing you on this project.

*With pleasure and good mapping !!!*
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