[HOT] HOT Support for Floods in Somalia - your help needed

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Sat May 5 23:57:41 UTC 2018

Dear Friends,

United Nations agencies in Somalia have stepped up their response in
the wake of devastating flash floods across large parts of Somlia that
have impacted nearly 500,000 people and displaced close to 175,000
from their homes.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the current
floods are some of the worst the region has ever seen, and the current
water level exceeds a 50-year return period in most locations.

UNITAR one of the UN agencies for responsible for helping quantify the
specific needs in the impacted areas have ask HOT to map building
footprints in one of the most impacted major cities, Belet Weyne, the
capital of the hard hit HirShabelle province.

We have two projects that need your help on the Tasking Manager:

One is for new mappers and there is a city core project that is for
the intermediate and advanced mapped.

If you can find some time this weekend we are trying to get them done
by the start of week. The task squares are small, so they go fast, so
even if you have limited time, you can probably get a task or two

Here is a tweet that you might have missed, but even if you did see
it, it could use some more retweeting.



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