[HOT] Problem with OSM HOT Tasks

Peter Chin Peter.Chin at redcross.ca
Sun May 13 23:08:42 UTC 2018

Hi folks,

I'm looking for some technical advice here. We were doing a Missing Maps mapping event here in Vancouver, Canada last week, and I noticed a strange behaviour when mapping in the iD editor. When I choose a square that has curved boundaries such as a boundary along a river, the OSM tasking manager square shows the warning inside the task area.  The "Do not edit outside of the coloured area" warning message should be displayed outside the task area.  Here is a screen capture of the problem: https://i.imgur.com/eEYl3sl.jpg

Also, here are some HOT task examples where the warning message is inside the task area, where it shouldn't be (choose Validate and then start iD editor to see these):

Does anyone know if I should submit this as an issue to the iD editor GitHub repository, or is this a bug in HOT Tasking Manager?  When I try these tasks in JOSM, JOSM is not showing the pink task boundaries.  Thanks.

Peter Chin
Disaster Management, Western Zone
Canadian Red Cross | Croix-Rouge canadienne
E-mail: peter.chin at redcross.ca

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