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HOT has been working with the Global Partnership for Sustainable
Development Data (GPSDD) with the goal of better demonstrating how citizen
and community generated data can support the Sustainable Development Goals.
GPSDD has opened up a consultancy piece to conduct research and analysis
aiming to 1) produce recommendations on what types of CGD initiatives are
best suited to different purposes, actors, and needs, and what this means
for their potential to scale and be combined with other data sources, and
2) produce guidance aimed primarily at official stakeholders at all levels
of government and international organizations, on how to navigate and
engage with the different types of CGD initiatives.

If you're interested to apply, you can find more details here:

Secondly, if you're interested to join the Task Team, we're working around
these objectives - send me an email and I'll add you into the group:

   1. Identifying promising examples of CGD approaches / methodologies to
   categorise and share with international community - key thing here for me
   is the methodology. Can we draw up some sort of 'best practice in CGD',
   agree it with some powers that be, then use that to say 'hey, our data's
   pretty good'.
   2. Identifying CGD initiatives that can (or could) provide robust data
   at scale to support implementation and monitoring of the SDGs - I've not
   yet seen a country/multi-country project I think really hits this.
   3. Recommendations for ensuring quality, relevance and added value of
   citizen generated data, and documentation of key benefits of citizen
   generated data - I'm not such a fan of this one, but keen for it to focus
   on breadth - i.e. what questions can we answer via CGD that formal data
   collectors can't, or as HOT, what questions can we answer through community
   led projects that top down organisations/government can't - the South
   Sudanese refugee in Uganda project we have is the ideal example. Refugees
   are likely not counted in a data source in their country of origin due to
   infrequent census, low birth registration, etc, no fixed address and not
   settled in a camp when they arrive, plus on the whole will avoid any MICS -
   very difficult for the government to gather/access data on this population
   without working through an organisation like HOT.



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