[HOT] counting buildings - ( 2020 project ) - help please.

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 17:39:34 UTC 2018

One problems with this mapping project is it is difficult to see how many
have been mapped.


So I've been playing.  The .OSM data structure does not lend it self easily
to this sort of thing.  In particular you don't know when you read a line
in if you want to count it or not.  The critical thing is does the way
include building= if it does then we are interested in every tag even those
that have been read in previously.

I started following Bjenk's footsteps with R but realistically setting up
the environment and parsing the file in R isn't that user friendly.

So I dropped back to Visual Studio express which is free from Microsoft.
I've been working in the IDE environment and I have something that counts
ways at the moment.  Extending it to nodes is relatively simple once I have
the ways working correctly.

A very small sample output is below.

detached'  - 3
t2'  - 2
terraced'  - 1

addr:housenumber - 6
addr:street - 6
building:levels - 5
addr:postcode - 3
roof:shape - 1


I've just spotted that building types have an extra ' in the name.  The
Comma Separated Values (CSV) were working so they can be fed into a
spreadsheet or some sort of stats program and 'Real Soon Now'™ it will be
working once more.

The input is an .osm file so download and chop it up with OSMconvert64 to
give the area you are interested in. I have sample .bat files available
that do this.

What I need is someone who has use for the information to look it over and
give feedback.  Please contact me directly not through the group.

Many Thanks

Cheerio John
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