[HOT] Update from HOT on machine learning in the Tasking Manager

Nate Smith nate at hotosm.org
Mon Sep 17 16:29:20 UTC 2018

Hello OSM community -

Sharing another update from HOT. We recently published a blog post of notes
about some initial thinking and directions HOT is going to take for how we
integrate machine learning tools directly into the Tasking Manager.

Read the full post here:

To call out a couple things:
- Right now there are easier and higher impact wins around data quality
checks and mapping guidance. This is an area we want to expand first and is
an important point to how we're thinking getting started.
- This doesn't need to be a HOT only exploration. If others want to look to
build APIs that receive requests from the Tasking Manager, join us in the
- This is just a start to the discussion with some initial directions.
We'll build and evaluate quickly to continue to evolve how we do this.


Nate Smith
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
@nas_smith <https://twitter.com/nas_smith>
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