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Fri Sep 21 21:42:47 UTC 2018

From: *Ruchika Singh* <ruchi8419 at gmail.com>
Cc: Natalie Duarte <natalie.duarte at evidenceaction.org>

Hi everyone,

Evidence Action seeks recommendations for consultants to provide support on
a wide range of GIS tasks for an on-going project in Bangladesh. The tasks

   - (1) visually mapping program activities over time in program areas;
   - (2) verifying targeted household locations lie within program
   - (3) verifying and mapping travel routes to select villages from a
   central location (i.e. Program Office); and,
   - (4) matching previous and current program administrative units to
   identify unit level and comparability of targeting over program years.

Consultant(s) will be provided administrative unit lists, shape files for
various administrative unit levels in the targeted program areas, and
de-identified program data. However, the consultant(s) should seek to
locate additional shape files available online, depending on the task (e.g.
mapping travel routes will require additional overlays for bodies of water,
roads, etc.). Ideally the consultant(s) will use QGIS and ArcGIS (or
comparable programs) to complete the tasks listed above.

It would be super helpful if you can share any references you have or
forward the email to relevant people.

Please reach out to Natalie Duarte, natalie.duarte at evidenceaction.org for
additional information, sharing references or applying for the consultancy.

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