[HOT] Strange behavior of the HOT Tasking manager with JOSM

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 30 18:44:40 UTC 2019

Quality is important to respond to Emergencies such as the OSM Ebola Response for DRC. This morning, I did monitor the Job 5705 for Yumbi, DRC. 
Thanks to the validators who support OSM DRC and this response and revised geometry for almost all the buildings traced for this project. This is one more example that we should not accept beginners for these tasks and continue to propose to use JOSM until a better workflow can be established with beginners.

JOSM is a major editor for quality mapping and validating in OSM. But by default, every time I reconnect to the TM, iD is proposed by default (the first in the list) and the TM do not remember my choices. For tasks where we restrict access to intermediate contributors and to JOSM,  this is not the best solution for Project coordinators to assure quality of data.

An other problem surged recently. What a surprise to me when selecting from the  Production HOT Tasking Manager 3 to use the JOSM editor to see  the TM opening a window with an Ambiguous message 

Contact with JOSM Failed
JOSM remote control did not respond. Do you have JOSM 
running and configured to be controlled remotely? 

+--------------------------------------------------------    +--------+          +--------------------+
    |  Dismiss |          |   Stop Using JOSM   |
    +--------+          +--------------------+
I see two problems with this.
1. Connection problems to fix with JOSM. My editor was running and often I did already have received data with success before this window open. I often have to click many times to succeed to send data to JOSM. And less often offen this morning but often with this window opening.

2. Ambiguous message on the quality of JOSM
I understand that this terminology is similar to buttons proposing to stop mapping. But it remains quite ambiguous.  Clicking on the X button on the top right panel, there was no problem. But selecting Dimiss did lock the task. 

This morning, I did a test trying to select more then one task and I was successfull to select / lock successsively 10 tasks. 
See https://twitter.com/pierzen/status/1090626920620929026

Claire Halleux from OSM RDC tested on her side if she could select one of these tasks. As expected, the task was locked.See https://twitter.com/pierzen/status/109067340656199680

I hope this help to enhance the TM. 
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