[HOT] Faster activations with disaster.ninja

Darafei Praliaskouski darafei at kontur.io
Wed Jun 19 22:13:59 UTC 2019


Thank you very much for documenting your activation workflow. We read
through it and thought we can be helpful with some automation on Phase
1, in size-up and imagery estimations. We made a tool:


 - Shows latest event and affected area from GDACS.org.

 - Shows prior HOT activations and all the imagery for affected region, if
there were.

 - Estimates gaps in the OpenStreetMap data correlating objects counts to
population, globally, using a combination of highest resolution datasets
from European Commission and Facebook.

 - Imports, exports and edits geojson shapes, reportedly ready for upload
as area of interest into Tasking Manager.

Have a look at cyclone Fani through it to see more of the above:

What do you think?

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