[HOT] HOT + Mapillary Announce #map2020 Challenge!

Jessica Bergmann jessica.bergmann at hotosm.org
Tue Mar 10 15:23:57 UTC 2020

Hi everyone!

HOT + Mapillary announced today the second year of the #map2020 campaign.
We invite communities to get involved for the chance for one individual to
win a fully-funded trip to present at the HOT Summit in Cape Town, South
Africa this upcoming July!

This year, the #map2020 campaign <https://www.mapillary.com/map2020>
invites communities to capture street-level imagery with Mapillary that
contributes to *improved navigation within their communities. *Examples of
project proposals could include using Mapillary to capture speed limits,
road surface types, and street names; identifying sidewalks, footpaths, and
crosswalks for pedestrians; identifying informal or alternate routes; etc!

Communities who wish to participate should read the full criteria for
getting involved included on the Mapillary website
<https://blog.mapillary.com/update/2020/03/10/map2020-20.html>. *Expressions
of interest must be submitted by March 20 and final projects will be
submitted by April 20.*

Thanks for your interest and best of luck to those of you who choose to get


*Jessica Bergmann*
Partnerships & Community Programs Associate
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team <https://www.hotosm.org>
Uganda: +256 754 672 750 | WhatsApp: +1 630 267 3307
Skype: jessica.bergmann91

***Please note I am currently based in Kampala, Uganda on East African
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