[HOT] MSF data shred to OSM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 6 21:27:16 UTC 2021


I am not sure I understand your suggested process which, as you claim, 
tages just a few days compared to an import process whihc might take weeks.

To be clear, an import process that takes weeks is exactly what we want 
in OSM - so that others have the time to have a good look at the data 
you are proposing to upload, to verify whether your proposed import plan 
is likely to work (for example, checking what your method for conflation 
is, i.e. detecting already-existing OSM objects that would conflict with 
your upload) and so on.

The faster an import goes, the fewer opportunities there will be for the 
OSM community to ensure the data is good.

The first step for a successful import process would be for you to 
subscribe to the imports@ list so that your messages actually go through 
to that mailing list and you can participate in discussions there.


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