[HOT] HOT Tech announcement | January 21st

wille wille.yyz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:56:16 UTC 2021

Hello humanitarian OpenStreetMap community, here is a short update from the
HOT Tech team.

*Tasking Manager 4.2.5 released*

A new version of Tasking Manager is out! This release brings a redesigned
project creation page, making it more intuitive and allowing managers to
easily find places around the world with a location search. Another change
on the project creation is the requirement to assign the project to an
organization. We have also implemented some restrictions to avoid mappers
from splitting tiny tasks or mark tasks as bad imagery incorrectly. We
believe those changes will make the experience of using Tasking Manager
better. Check out other updates in the release notes

Wille Marcel
Module Owner at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
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