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You are our wider network of OSM - I would very much encourage you to
participate in this global OSM survey

What I appreciate is all the links included so that you can get background
details on the questions.

HOT is part of OSM - I hope that you can share your viewpoints. And, please
share widely.

Thank you


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Thank you all for spreading the word on the OSMF 2021 survey.  At the
moment, after 5-1/2 days, we have 1496 responses, of which 1116 are "full",
meaning they included demographic data that will allow us to do some
cross-sectional analysis (almost 29% of respondents decline to provide
demographic data).  But keep spreading the word.  We have 16 languages
available:  (English, Chinese (Traditional; Taiwan), French, German,
Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese
(Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese).  If you
know of a group that needs another language and can link me with someone to
translate the questionnaire, please do so!  I have become adept at copying
and pasting languages I don't understand into Lime Survey.

We needed 1067 respondents to achieve a 3% error term at the 95% confidence
level, but now I'd like for us to push for a 2% error term.  As you all
know, the larger the sample, the more accurate the estimates, and the wider
we cast our net, the less the selection bias.  For that we need 4160
respondents.  We have three weeks left in the survey so it is possible if
we continue to spread the word.  Please help!  The URL is
https://osmf.limequery.org/281662  Please spread the word in whatever other
languages you can, please encourage OSMers to participate, please use all
available communication channels to reach as many corners of the OSMverse
as you can!

Many thanks again for your support.


*Allan Mustard, Chairperson*
*Board of Directors*
*OpenStreetMap Foundation*
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