[HOT] HOT Tech WG updates: Meeting on hold + other ways you can contribute/get updates with hot_tech!

Arnalie Vicario arnalie.vicario at hotosm.org
Wed Sep 8 21:03:38 UTC 2021

Dear everyone,

On behalf of the Tech Working Group, we would like to inform you that *TechWG
meetings will be put on hold starting this month, September, until further
notice*. Our last meeting was last month (August) and we are very grateful
for all the speakers and participants who joined us in the past meetings.

This decision was made by the hot_tech team who were chairing the working
group. hot_tech team has convened working groups specific to a tech
tool/project and they would like to meet you there for updates,
collaboration and potential future tool improvements.

*OSM Galaxy Working Group kicked off last month!*

Currently, we have an active working group for OSM Galaxy
<http://galaxy.hotosm.org> which meets monthly in 2-timezone meeting
format. If you wish to take part, kindly fill out the form with your name,
email address and how you would like to contribute: *bit.ly/galaxy-contribution

This month's WG meeting will be on *21 Sept, 16:00 UTC* and *22 Sept, 09:00

There is also a public channel #osm-galaxy in the HOTOSM Slack Workspace
<http://slack.hotosm.org/> to capture OSM Galaxy discussion.

*Do you have any ideas for the future of Tech WG? Would you like to chair
or lead the Tech WG? *Please reach out to me by replying in this email! :)

We appreciate your consistent support and we hope to see you at
the meetings!

On behalf of Tech WG

*Arnalie Vicario*
Online Community Engagement Lead
OSM / Telegram / Twitter: *@arnalielsewhere*
Whatsapp / Phone number: +63 936 327 4872
Timezone: UTC -06:00 (Mountain Time)
*Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team*
web <http://hotosm.org/> | twitter <https://twitter.com/hotosm> | facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/hotosm> | donate <https://donate.hotosm.org/>
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