[Imports-us] Update on TIGER realignment import

Eric Fischer enf at pobox.com
Mon Aug 5 17:49:50 UTC 2013

Hi everybody. It's probably time for me to stop just talking about
importing the TIGER realignment and actually do something.

Last night I reran the program (
https://github.com/ericfischer/osm-tiger-update) to generate .osc files for
the entire realignable country. If anyone wants to take a look, I've
started uploading them to http://trafficways.org/tiger/out/ but they add up
to more than 4GB and will take a few more hours to finish copying from my
slow home network.

I've opened some of them up in JOSM to look at them (and they seem to look
generally reasonable there) but haven't actually uploaded any of them to
the OSM servers. The files are by county, with counties with more than
20,000 changes split into multiple files.

My questions are:

1. Is there still general agreement that it is a good idea to import
realignments for places that have been neglected in OSM?
2. Is it OK for me to go ahead and start submitting some of these? (I'll
make an import account.)
3. Is there a test server where I should try submitting them first?
4. Is there an upload script I should be using instead of doing it from
5. Do the files look sensible now to people who have more experience with
.osc files?

I'm planning to be on the imports meetup later today too if anyone wants to
talk about it then.

By the way, it may seem weird, but I've switched to doing this from TIGER
2010 shapefiles instead of 2012. The reason is that I'm not importing new
streets, just realignments, and 2010 should be able to provide the most
realignments, since it has all the ones that were fixed for the 2010 Census
but doesn't suffer from some TLID renumbering due to more recent additions.

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