[Imports-us] NJ Landuse import (NJ2002LULC)

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Aug 21 11:32:06 UTC 2013

I don't really know enough about the NJ Landuse import to have an
opinion, but three comments:

  if there is landuse=scrub, that's fundamentally confused.  The
  definition of scrub is not really the issue - OSM should reference and
  adopt the accepted definition in the related professional fields.  But
  scrub is landcover (physical geography), not landuse (human
  geography).  If it's natural=scrub and this is a combined
  landcover/landuse dataset, that's something else.

  Reading the natural=scrub page, I don't find the presence of some
  20-ft trees inconsistent with the definition.  If it's mostly trees to
  the point that the forest floor has reduced vegetation, then it's
  crossed over into forest.  But if there are a few trees and mostly
  bushes, it's still scrub.   It might be nice to add references to tags
  that are the boundary of scrub to that page, with a clue as to how to
  draw the line.

  Is there a newer dataset available, and/or a way for people to start
  with the old data and do things right (process, reviewed by towns)?
  If so, that argues more for the removal/start over.

  It's interesting that you say there are so many errors.  The MassGIS
  data has been very good in terms of quality, to the point where that's
  not been a real issue, just how to handle it.
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