[Imports-us] NJ Landuse import (NJ2002LULC)

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 14:31:59 UTC 2013


Your question has several unstated presumptions:

1. That newer landuse data is more correct than the current data

2. That the problems inherint in this data won't be present in the new data

3. That this data has a steward who will maintain it, and will provide
an import that is of higher quality than what was done before, and
account for all the existing OSM data in the process.

And most importantly

4. That this is data we want in OSM

I'm not convinced that landuse=residential and landuse=industrial,
etc. are valuable data for OSM to have. We could certainly provide
this data for rendering purposes, but I don't see the great value in
it being in OSM.

But even if I were convinced, I want to see 1,2 and 3 addressed.

I'll also add 5

5. That importing so much data this way is a good idea.

So here's my suggestion to those who disagree with my proposal:

Either refine it (that is amend my proposal, saying "Keep this but not
that") or else make another proposal- for work that you are willing to
do yourself. That way we have something concrete to talk about.

- Serge

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