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Thomas Colson thomas_colson at nps.gov
Fri Aug 30 00:30:16 UTC 2013

All NPS facilities are ADA accessible. With that said, I'm hesitant during
this import to tag ALL features as such. We may have the rogue toilet at the
top of a mountain (Le Conte Pit Toilet?) that is not. I'd have to think hard
to find one in our park that is not.. On the flip, with the assumption that
all federal facilities are ADA accessible, does that merit the tag? Perhaps,
tagging those few that aren't with "ADA=NO" (e.g.) would be easier and more
efficient, and perhaps a topic for talk-us...I'd think a DA would like to
know which facilities ARE NOT accessible, as opposed to wading through
thousands of features that are tagged as "yes they are". 


At any rate, I'd like to shelve that for another project: given the already
large file size, I think adding ADA tags warrant its own "import". So that
makes two new (shelved) projects you've identified out of this import!


But no, my shop does not capture ADA compliance in GIS data, again referring
to.all Federal Facilities are (should be) ADA accessible. We do publish ADA
accessible  locations in our local campsite maps. 



Ultimately I'm going to have to get an official answer from somewhere else
within the agency on tagging or attributing GIS data with ADA compliance, so
this answer DOES NOT reflect the official position of the NPS on that topic.





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On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 4:12 AM, Thomas Colson <thomas_colson at nps.gov>

Bryce, I'm referring to the OSM file located at
https://irma.nps.gov/App/Reference/Profile/2202706, which hasn't been
uploaded to the OSM server. I'm looking at the location you specified in
that file, and cannot detect any building corner nodes that are tagged as
toilets. Perhaps I am still missing something?


The building corner nodes do indeed seem to be fixed now.

Looking pretty good!


I suggest you can probably tag toilets:wheelchar=yes and wheelchair=yes on
some features... that might

be in your source database?

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