[Imports-us] Palo Alto, CA Building Outlines import

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Mon Jul 22 14:25:24 UTC 2013

Happy Monday,

The city of Palo Alto, CA has released a set of building outlines, and I've
created an .osm file from that data at

A wiki page discussing this proposal can be reviewed at

A brief summary is I plan to perform manual conflation with existing
building outline and address point information.  Most of the city is
lacking outlines, the majority of the conflation work is required on the
Stanford Campus, a few commercial areas, and the northern area of Palo Alto
that borders Menlo Park, where hand traced and filed collected address
point exist.

TOU for the data can be viewed at

This import does NOT include comprehensive address points, which is not
currently available as an easily imported dataset.

The city also as has a land use polygon dataset (among others) that I'll
use to update existing shapes once this import has been approved.

I look forward to your feedback.


John Novak
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