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On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 7:25 AM, the Old Topo Depot
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> The city of Palo Alto, CA has released a set of building outlines, and
> I've created an .osm file from that data at
> https://github.com/oldtopos/PaloAltoCA
> A wiki page discussing this proposal can be reviewed at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Palo_Alto,_California/Buildings_Import#Data_Transformation_Results
> A brief summary is I plan to perform manual conflation with existing
> building outline and address point information.  Most of the city is
> lacking outlines, the majority of the conflation work is required on the
> Stanford Campus, a few commercial areas, and the northern area of Palo Alto
> that borders Menlo Park, where hand traced and filed collected address
> point exist.

A quick look at the .osm has the following problems
1. Buildings in buildings for no discernible reason.
2. Multipolygons shown are tag as two separate buildings. One inside
another. Look at source_id 9956 and 9955. It appears to be a inside court.

I would suggest contacting the city for better data. I bet they have
shapefiles that would eliminate the problems with buildings within
buildings and the lack of multipolygons.

The source_id tag seems to be the name field of the original data. Do you
expect that the city will keep the same tag for future updates? If so, then
I'd keep it for updating the outlines. If not, then it doesn't offer much.
Address data would be more useful.

>From personal experience, it's is much easier to import buildings and
addresses at the same time. The front end work is hard, but once you get
your data combined, the import into OSM goes quickly. But trying to import
each separately is much harder.


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