[Imports-us] Palo Alto, CA Building Outlines import

the Old Topo Depot oldtopos at novacell.com
Thu Jul 25 17:49:56 UTC 2013

Updates to the proposal, now including addresses.

No word from the LWG as of this writing.

Associate address to building polys via st_contains in PostGIS, then export
buildings with appropriate address tags (housenumber, street, city).  For
buildings with multiple addresses, associate one, then export all remaining
address points not associated with a building poly to a point feature osm
file.  Both files are on github (https://github.com/oldtopos/PaloAltoCA).

As buildings are imported, block-wise, reference the address point file and
include additional address points where either 1, there is no clear
building association, or 2, in commercial and industrial areas.  For
residential cases, condos, apt complexes, etc, use two address tags for
high/low address ranges.

I recommend building ids are preserved to aid with future updates.

Manage overlaps and rooftop polygons manually as import proceeds.

Land use, for parks for example, do contain names and appear to be much
more accurate than what's currently in OSM.

Jason's comments regarding additions seeding editing activity by others are
accurate; I have seen similar user behavior after adding shop numbers in a
strip mall, for example, where others come in afterwards and improve the
information.  It's an interesting phenomenon.

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