[Imports-us] USNPS, Great Smoky Mountains Bulk Import In Progress

Thomas Colson thomas_colson at nps.gov
Sun May 19 15:22:32 UTC 2013

We have completed "seeding" a portion of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
OSM data this weekend. We focused on the Cades Cove section of the park,
which contains a complete sample of the types of features that are of
relevance to visitor services and how they can be depicted in OSM. 

The parking icons and labels are a bit obtrusive in the default OSM
renderer, as are the building labels. I'll likely remove some parking node
tags as well as building labels, really not necessary to label every shed
and generator building (this is what came out of our default facilities
data). Parking ways are also named, so I don't see a problem with not
labeling every single parking node. 

The only import issues were related to connecting a few roads to roads we
weren't updating, JOSM Editor caught those smoothly.

The update rendered in the ESRI OSM Tile Service within a few minutes, which
was very cool, and also allowed for rapid QA against our Raw GIS database. 

Nate and Mamata will be presenting our work at State of the Map in a few
weeks, and will incorporate feedback into the remainder of the park import. 

Changesets are linked on the GRSM Wiki Page. 

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